I Found My Identity

The PEACE key started its journey as a Christmas gift for my ex girlfriend at the time. She was struggling through her own difficult time and I wanted to support and show her that I wanted nothing more for her to find peace with what she was going through.

Fast forward 6 months and the relationship unfortunately failed and the key was given back to me for me to find my own peace with what had happened with our 5 year relationship. And slowly but surely I did find my own peace, and I also found so much more. I found my identity outside of a relationship that had hidden me away for so long. In the meantime I had formed this amazing friendship with a lovely girl, who helped me become a social butterfly and see that life is worth so much more than our own struggles and depression.

Unfortunately even the strongest and happiest of humans have dark times, so in the midst of her breakdown I passed the key to this beautiful human that had helped me in so many ways. So this is for you little lady, I wish you all the peace and happiness for the future. You got this! And I love you.