Sharing the Love

People come into your life at different times and you wonder ... why? Some people are friendly and loving and others challenge you every step of the way. But the path you take and people who cross your path are there to show you a lesson. A moment in time when you are supposed to learn something. A beautiful lady came across my path named Karen. She was in the middle of fighting breast cancer at a young age. She had the most beautiful smile and sparkling personality. I didn't know her well, but our friendship blossomed easily and quickly. As our friendship grew, so did my personal struggle with anxiety. I was not well and didn't have the courage to talk about it other than with my husband. Karen and another friend of mine and I would workout and have dinners together. Not in that order mind you! They were always there for me. As I met the height of anxiety Karen gave me a giving key necklace. It said "BELIEVE." She had no idea how much it meant coming from her and how strong she was fighting this battle with breast cancer. She believed in herself and me. She is an unbelievable beautiful person. I took a step back in my life and went for professional help. I learned it was ok to get help, cry and lean on others. During this process we both started getting involved in a non-profit organization called Steps Together. Steps together provides assistance to families facing a medical crisis. This assistance comes in many forms. for example, financial, meal deliver, just being there for people. This is where I met another beautiful lady named Amy. A single Mom fighting breast cancer as well. Amy is a strong and determined woman & Mom. It made me think Karen helped me through a dark period, now it was time for me to pass on her positive love and energy to Amy. I loved my necklace so much and wanted to keep it forever! But the story of life is, nothing last forever and to share the love of someone is the most beautiful gift. So my key to believing will always be in my heart! I love you Karen!