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Grateful For the Little Things

I bought my bracelet with the word "GRATEFUL" on it. I began to wake up in the morning and state 3 things that I was grateful for. I had it for probably a month, wore it every single day.. I found out that my best friend was seeing my boyfriend on the side, but I knew not to worry.. Because I believe that everything happens for a reason. I continued to wear the bracelet... It made me happy every single time i put it on. Last night it fell off, and I saw that as a sign that I have accustomed the word. The person I have decided to give it to is my once best friend. She has been going through a lot as well with the news of her and my ex spreading, people havent been very nice to her. So I truly hope that she wears the key and is as grateful for the little things as I was, because with the positivity that I had, any mind set is possible. I am about to buy another!!!!

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