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Faith Restored

I heard about your company from a friend in my bible study group. She was wearing a key and of course I had to know the story behind it. After hearing her story, I immediately bought my own key. My key was FAITH.

Faith was something I was struggling with. My parents had passed and I struggled with the "what now?". Where had they gone? What really happens when you die? I had always just believed that you simply go to heaven, that's the happy ending of a life led walking the good path. But somehow I just stopped buying into that answer. Somehow it felt impossible. How could this be? How can you float up to heaven and see all those who had gone before you? It's just not feasible. Well, my Faith had waivered. I had left all that I once believed behind. I needed my Faith restored. I needed my Faith in the unknown and God replenished, so I bought a Faith key. And I wore that key with pride. I began the walk back to where I had once been. I began walking with God and I felt my Faith renew itself. I loved that key! It meant so much to me! Then, a while later there were two tragic teen suicides at my oldest daughter's high school. The community was rocked and kids were struggling with what was happening. These teens were good kids with great lives ahead of them. The friends of these teens were questioning everything about life and why this was happening. Especially the daughter of a close friend of mine. Her world was crashing in and she was crumbling in wake of these horrible events. Of course, I knew my key was needed by another. I knew it was time for someone else to wear the key of Faith. It was time someone else's Faith in life and God's goodness to be restored. So, I passed my key along. It felt good to give it away! She wore it and now it is wrapped around the rear view mirror of her car where she sees it multiple times each day. My Hope is that her Faith is restored. If not yet, I Believe it will in time. ❤️

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