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November 25, 2015

Overcoming with Strength

I am a part of a Led by the Spirit School at our church. We had a prophetic ministry time this past weekend. A woman sat down with us for ministry and we listened to what the Holy Spirit had to say to her. There was such a beautiful healing word the Lord had for her and in the middle of me relying to her the Lord spoke her word is "STRENGTH." At that very moment I knew that my time had come to give my giving key away. I took it off at that moment and told her this is for you. The Lord had me purchase a giving key 3 months ago. He told me the color and the word. And that very moment I understood why. We learned later that she is currently doing through a divorce and helping her father walk through his battle with cancer. Our pastor said that she was beaming afterword and couldn't wait to tell others her story. To him I give all the glory and pray that that necklace will get her through with the thought that God gives us strength when we feel like we have none left.



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