Strength to Never Give Up

Months ago, I purchased a STRENGTH necklace. Four years ago I was faced with a very personal situation. A decision that I had made many years ago came back to me and I found myself in a situation I thought would never end. I came across The Giving Key, and just had to have the Strength necklace. I've worn in daily and in times that I really felt I needed the extra strength. I'm happy to say that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the situation will never completely go away, I do have closure and life will get easier from here on out.

Last week my friend, who I have played tennis with for about 4 years, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is in the beginning stages of still finding out what stage, what she needs to do, etc. Today I paid it forward and gave my Strength to my friend!! I know she will find the Strength to never give up just as I did.