Love from Within

This is me and my best friend. Last summer, I bought a key on a necklace with the word LOVE on it. I needed a little reminder to love myself a little more each day. Life often has a way of knocking you down over and over to the point where you start to question your own value. Well, I had gotten to a point that I needed to love myself more than I was. Fast forward to a couple of months best friend and her boyfriend had unexpectedly broken up. She was devastated. And I could see her headed down the same path that I was the previous year....self-hate. I felt compelled to give her the key so it could remind her of what it reminded me. When I gave it to her, I told her that we are all worthy of love....even if the only source of that love is from within. She carries it on her keychain now, and I just I just ordered my next key! Thank you! Love to you!!!!