Strength to Carry On

My son, who was recently divorced with two children, was battling demons within. His precious "ex" wife was struggling to carry on and find strength to deal with their children and the demons that somehow occupied our beautiful son's heart. The battle forged on and our son's health declined, with loss of jobs, inability to help with the children and not able to deal with everyday problems. On July 4th 2015, our son was taken home to be with God, he was relieved of his pain, but left behind a loving family, and two beautiful children. The pain we ALL feel is indescribable as we search for peace and strenght to carry on day by day. We share memories, and struggle with finding the courage for two girls who lost thier daddy, and each of us who were touched by his enormous embrace and bountiful love. The girls mother now must raise an 8 year old and 5 year old as a widow and work to support her broken family. At the cemetary a few weeks after our son's passing, I took my key of "STRENGTH" from around my neck and put it on the mother of my grandchildren. The Lord knows she will need His strength to carry on.