Believe it is All Worth It

In times of change, often we are left with insecurities that make us wonder; is it all worth it.
Recently, a friend was at work and was notified that her parent was on the train to work, and did not wake up at his stop. EMT and 911 were contacted to assist, and he was taken to the hospital unresponsive. Grim was the prognosis, I gave her the key,  "BELIEVE" for in these times it is what is in our hearts and faith of life that we need to hold on to. I told her to believe in the love you grew up with. Believe in the memories. Believe that he will always be with you- and if you forget, then hold on to the key.

We had a good cry, and she thanked me for being there. My words to her were, "Always believe in my friendship"- it will be there with a strong shoulder and maybe a really corny joke or 2 but, hey, that's what friends are for.