Carry the Strength

My young friend, Elizabeth, age 14, is suffering from a disease called Dysautonomia. This painful and rare and little understood disorder has rendered her incapable of eating. She's currently getting nutrition from a stomach tube while she and her mother travel from doctor to doctor throughout the country in search of treatment and cure.

I recently ran a half marathon and was able to raise over $1,600 for the Dysautonomia Information Network. Just before my event, I visited an Etsy store called "Hello Penngrove" here in town. I found a Giving Key's Necklace with "FEARLESS" stamped on the key. This describes Elizabeth well! At my event, I pinned the key inside my fanny pack so Elizabeth could run with me. Today, I'm tucking it in an envelope and sending it to her at the Cleveland Clinic.

Now, Elizabeth can carry the strength from my run with her while she undergoes treatment.

My story and pictures can be found at this fundraising website: