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Inspired by Her Strength

I recieved this key amoungst one of the hardest times of my life while struggling to find out what my life purpose was. For months upon end I had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts until I recieved this key for my birthday in which "INSPIRE" was engraved. With this necklace hung around me I felt empowered during a time where I thought I couldn't feel weaker. Then, one day after school I was informed that my friend, Rachel, who happens to be African American living in a predominately white neighborhood had been targeted by an arsonist. Her front door had been lit on fire in an attempt to harm her and her family for no other reason than the color of their skin. My jaw dropped after hearing this. Someone as kind as her would NEVER deserve anything like this to happen. My entire community gathered together to for a candle lighting ceremony against racial hate crimes. During which, I wandered through the crowd to find Rachel and gave her a hug. I admire her for being so strong through all of this. I handed her the key and explained how she inspired me through her strength and how you were to pay it forward to someone who needed it more than you. Her eyes teared up and she hugged me again and whispered, "This is so nice, thank you." To which I replied,"Of course." and reminded her if she ever felt someone else needed it more than her that she could pay it forward, too.

Rachel, you are such an inspiration to me and I hope this key empowers you during a time you feel weak, as it did me.

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