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Strength for the Journey

My key was given to my by my daughter in law at Christmas last year. I had moved out west to be with her and my son and granddaughter. Too many changes for me to handle. I was extremely unhappy and ended up leaving in mid January to come back to Ontario.  

I have the key and wondered who I would ever end up giving the key to, couldn't even imagine.

At the end of July my daughter in law Stefanie, my son Justin and their daughter Isabelle came home to Ontario to attend a wedding. The landed on Tuesday night and I didn't get to see them. On Thursday afternoon I received a call from Stefanie, she informed me that her doctors office had called her and wanted her home right away because apparently her tests indicated that she probably had lymphoma. She told them that she was on vacation and would deal with it when she got home the following Thursday. She couldn't tell her husband because he was in Niagara Falls at the stag and she didn't want to ruin the wedding for her friends and make it about her. The hardest part for her she told me when she called was that they were going to finalize the invitro on August 15 when they returned home and she had been told that all that would have to go on hold for a few years. They had spent so much money on it and she had her hopes up. She is such an awesome person and they refuse to use a microwave. She makes their meals and refuses to use processed foods. It just amazes me that someone like her could end up with this diagnosis; It breaks my heart.  

Anyways this is about the key she gave me at Christmas. The tag says to give it to someone when they need it more than you. I will be mailing the key to Stefanie tomorrow. Think I will also look into other items that may give her STRENGTH as she begins her journey to being cancer free and healthy so she can look forward to that delayed appointment at the fertility doctors. 

Please say a prayer for this wonderful young woman who amazes me with her positive attitude.

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