There is Strength and Peace in Hope

The key was given to me when my son committed suicide on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. He was only 19 years old. He was diagnosed with PTSD (stemming from having testicular cancer at age 18) and major depression disorder. He struggled for months with depression and being suicidal. His dad and I did everything we could to help him, and he wanted help. I struggled daily wondering if today was the day that I would get "the call." He was admitted to a Behavioral Health facility two times because of suicidal thoughts. He stopped taking his medicine because "he felt better and thought he could handle it." This caused more suicidal thoughts. He got back on his medication but once again stopped. This time, the depression was too strong. The day that I was so scared of came. Through lots of prayer, family, and friends, I am at peace with his death. I know that he was saved and that he is in Heaven with God now. Wes didn't take his life, his mental illness took his life. I have attached a picture of Wes. It is a picture of a handsome, smiling teenager, full of life, it is also the face of mental illness.  

I am passing my key onto one of my best friends' mothers. She also lost her son to suicide 2 months before my son died. Unlike me, she NEVER saw it coming. His wife said that he acted normal on that day. He left and never returned. He was considered a missing persons for a few days. He was found in his truck, on the side of the road, in a neighboring county. He did not leave a note. All he had was his drivers license so he could be identified. Because it was a few days before they found him, his mom did not get to see him. She never had closure. She knows that he is in Heaven but struggles will all the questions that she will never have answered. She doesn't sleep....she doesn't want to. I pray that through love and prayers that she will be able to find the closure and peace that she is searching for.....that she desperately needs.