Hope Floats

I bought a necklace with the word HOPE on it over two years ago and wore it everyday, but I never found myself in a situation to give it away up until recently. Last fall I got into a relationship with an unbeliever. She wasn't against going to Church as she went with me plenty of times and even enjoyed a few of the sermons. After about a year due to differences in views on religion and a few other things we broke up. Then six months after that I ended up getting a job in a different state. Before I found out about the job we didn't stay in contact at all, but when she found out I was moving she wanted to say goodbye. We caught up and talked for awhile, but knew we would probably never see each other again and we knew things just weren't meant to be. The thought crossed my mind to give her the necklace, but I ended up not doing it. When I moved to my new state I ended up writing her a letter and including the necklace in it. Not sure exactly where she needed hope the most, but I thought it was a good idea to give it to her. I mailed the letter to her apartment complex, but didn't include the apt number as I did not know it. Got the letter back recently with return to sender/unable to forward on it with a hole on the envelope and the necklace missing. I pray that someone who really needs some hope found that necklace, and eventually they will make their way to this website. All I can do is hope that it made it into the right hands.