A Heart as Big as Can Be

Dita is an amazing young woman. She works as a student worker in the department where I am the electronic giving supervisor for a non-profit organization and educational institution. She has a heart as big as can be. She loves fully and deeply, and she loves everyone. It is a joy to work with her.  

Dita is an international student. She grew up in Kosovo, during the Kosovo war. Literally, that war was in her streets and even in the houses in her neighborhood, as you never knew when soldiers would break into your home. It could happen at any time, and your whole family could be murdered right in front of your eyes. And yet, here she is now, a bright, loving young woman, pursuing a college degree in America.  

I remember a day not long ago, where there was a shooting outside her dormitory here the night before. No one believed her at first that she heard gunshots. This girl who lived in a war - and no one believed she knew the sound of gunfire. Sadly, she knows it all too well, having grown up in the midst of war.

Dita's grandmother died two days ago. She cannot return to Kosovo for the funeral. The cost of airfare is just too prohibitive for that. So I have been letting her know if she needs to talk, or cry, just come to me, and we'll take time for that. This morning, she said the sweetest thing to me, and I knew the new owner of my "LOVE" giving key. Dita came to me and said, "I really like you so much. If I would get to chose someone to be my mom in this department - It would be you." I took the key off my neck, told her the story of giving keys, and I placed it around her neck. Dita, you are a living embodiment of love. I am honored you would choose me.

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