Happiness, Trust and True Love

This is my best friend Mary on the left , light hair. im the dark hair my name is Patti. Mary is the most loving, caring, giving, non-selfish and strong. She is my hero for what this women can handel. Mary has had some really hard to deal with life changeing things happen to her. Her first husband passed away 25 yrs ago and they had a 3 year old beautifull daughter at the age of 26 . She found herself raiseing her on her own. Her daugther was troubled. Mary being a strong women delt with what ever anyone threw at her. Mary remarried many yrs later. It was her time to be happy. All she really wanted was a family for her daughter to have a step father. She had a son for her new husband. This man was horrible to her after she was pregrent and it was the way it stayed. They are getting a divorce. She finds she self raising another teen by herself. I just want her to "let it go" and find happiness and trust and true love. She still has a lot of love to give. She has to "LET GO." Not all people are that way. Once she does, the other will follow. I wish people could have half of what my Mary and I have. I've been through everything with her.

With all my love,

Your BFF till death parts us.


P.S. We were in Italy. It shows the side us as to who we are. Fun, loving and care free.

And give the shirt off our back. and give you our last dollar if you needed it.



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