A Light During the Darkest Days

I was blessed with this key this year that said BELIEVE. Given at a time I had giving up believing anything in this world. My days were dark and sad affecting my friends and family and most of all my beautiful 3 girls. I have spent every moment the last 2 and half years since I lost my best friend, My Mother, missing her, crying and not understanding why her time had been now. I have some very special friends in my life and they helped me see a light and stood by even during the darkest days. 

My days started turning around lately. I began to see light always clutching my key. I text my friend Jenny to see if she could come and have drinks with me but at the time she was in her car fleeing to the side of her mother. We had learned that week that her mom Barb had a lesion on her lung and that day could not stop dragging her leg. As Jenny arrived to Emergency Room they discovered her mom had three tumors in the brain. I knew at that moment my best friend needed to BELIEVE more than me and I knew it was time for my key to go. The crazy part is the word Believe is her favorite and was going to be her next tattoo. We often joked about that she wanted my key but who would have thought the future for this key was already planned out. 

So I have not seen Jenny for 3 1/2 weeks which is long for us two friends but we had dinner on Monday September 12 and I passed the key. There was much hugging and crying but wroth every moment. So Jenny hang on to that key believe and someday you will find someone who needs it more than you and pass it. I love you my friend. Stay strong and know i am always here.


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