Leap for Love

I’d been through a very rough number of years and thought I could never love again because my heart had been so broken and crushed. I believed there was no one left to trust and that even God had let me down.  

My key says “LEAP” and “LOVE”. I chose to take leaps of faith and I chose to try to love. It was tough. My life changed over the two years I wore my key. I held onto it many times to have courage to have faith to leap in faith and love.

After reconnecting two years ago, I was looking up into the eyes of this man that I’d been totally in love with after he’d seen me through a difficult time and made many sacrifices for me.  

I stood there realizing that there was no way that I could love this man more than I did then as he was trying to comfort me about something unkind and unjust that someone had done to me. I’d had not planned to give up my key, but knew he was the one that needed it next.  

As I took it off, I explained to him the purpose behind my wearing it and what it was and why I was giving it to him. He was quiet and somber and understood the meaning the key had in my life and he told me he’d take good care of it. He said he understood what the inscription meant and why I was giving it to him.  

In all those years back when we’d been so close, we’d loved each other deeply but done nothing about it. Since reconnecting, we’ve skirted the issue. Holding my key out to him gave me that one last big shot of courage to LEAP and LOVE that I needed. I realized that it was now or never or I’d be a hypocrite.  

In 30 years, I’d never kissed the love of my life. Finally, with my mustered up courage, I said that I wanted to kiss him but instead, he kissed me. Was it worth a 30 year wait? You better believe it!

He has my key to inspire him to continue to reorder his life in faith and love. I hope that we can leap into the future together and find the love, peace and happiness that we both have wanted.
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