Source of Hope

My best friend from high school sent me my HOPE key because I was heading into another rough period in what had already been a rough year. 

I'd just spent four months not speaking with my parents, and just as we finally reached better ground I experienced a seismic break up. It felt as though I'd summited a very steep climb up the face of a mountain only to realize that there was another giant peak ahead of me. 

I added a matching ring I share with my mom to the HOPE necklace and wore them together pretty much every day for five months. I was wearing the ring and the HOPE key when I saw my mom for the first time in six months, and the necklace actually ended up being the conversation starter that allowed to explain a bit about my break up to my mom. I developed the habit of rubbing the ring and the key together, almost as if the hope could literally rub off on my relationship with my mom. 

After five months of wonderful conversations and immense personal growth, I gave my HOPE key to my friend Alli today. She's been such a source of hope in my life--so easy to talk to and share life with--that I wanted to recognize her and give her a tool for the next season of her life. I came to the website to share my story, and I've already purchased my next necklace. I'll be back to blog about it when the time is right :)