Courage is Out There

About eight months ago in full selfishness binge purchased two keys for myself from the Giving Keys. Written on them were the words: 'COURAGE' and 'INSPIRE'. Due to the fact that I still have the 'inspire' key around my neck, I'm just going to tell you about my 'courage' key.

Life really wears you down sometimes, but with the help of one word, I found that all you need to get back up again is a little courage. Having had a really hard time maintaining who I was in a world that judges you for being who you are, was taking a toll on me likewise to others I was sure. so I took my key and I let it inspire me. In May of 2015 I ran for Student Government unopposed. This left me a minute to tell over 2,700 students what it meant to me to be "different" (video attached), and I couldn't have done it without a little courage.

So fast forwarding, I know you're wondering why I am telling you about me, when I am supposed to be telling you about the incredible human who now holds possession of my key. Well, here is the thing, there were so many people I could have given my key too, too many people I wanted to give courage to. What I ended up deciding to do was purposefully "abandon" my key. While traveling to Boston, Massachusetts over the summer I decided to just leave my key somewhere, and to be completely frank I can't even remember where I left it. Despite that, I know someone found it, someone who needed it more than anyone else did, and although there is mystery left in the story of where my key is, I know it impacted somebody, and I have a really good feeling that it's going to keep impacting people and keep giving courage to the ones who need it the most. After all, maybe someone already shared the story of the spontaneous key they found on a hot dog stand, or on a bench, or in an empty coffee mug in a cute coffee shop. Wherever that key is, and whoever has it, I know COURAGE is out there. Everyone has it in them, and with it you can overcome anything.  

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