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It Will Get Better

I received a "COURAGE" key for my birthday a few years back from a close friend who knew I was going through a difficult journey in a few big areas of my life. One of those was dealing with the heartache of a lost relationship. When things ended, I felt like my world had completely fallen apart and I wasn't sure I would ever see the day that I felt OK about life. I was so in love with a man who walked out of my life without any real explanation. It was a living nightmare. My beautiful friend told me a number of times "It will get better, it honestly will". I couldn't comprehend how that would be possible at the time, I really didn't, but she was right & it did eventually get better. It's been a difficult journey navigating the grief & putting the pieces back to together but I recently felt like I had breakthrough in my heart & have finally found closure. At the same time a beautiful friend of mine found herself in a similar situation, dealing with the heartache of having someone walk out of her life. And before I knew it, I was telling her things WOULD get better, just like my friend had told me. I realised that the courage I had found to move on was also in her, so I passed on my key knowing that she will see the day that her heart mends too.

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