Beauty from Ashes

I met my best friend when we were both married to our first husbands in Hawaii while our husbands were based there in the Marine Corps. She was 18 I was 20. We were both very young and the war caused some issues with our ex-husbands. We both ended up going through painful divorces. We lost our way and we feel apart. We tried piecing our lives back together and we eventually came back together a couple years later. We both had children and I was marrying a friend who had been a brother-in-Christ for many years and she came to my wedding. I knew she was struggling and she had ended up married to a guy in the Army and their marriage was falling apart. I was there for her while she tried to make her second marriage work and it ended up having some worse issues then the previous. I know she has struggled for years to be brave and courageous. She constantly feels alone and that there is something is wrong with her.

I sent her this key to encourage her to realize that no matter what has happened in her past that it doesn't mean she is a failure. Something beautiful can come out of the ashes. All she has to do is just be HER bravely! God has her and he has amazing plans all she has to do is be brave and courageous and follow Him. I pray constantly for her and try to show her God's amazing love. I hope that this key will inspire her to never give up and not to let fear hold her back from living courageously.