Live Life Well

I was tickled pink to receive my key at Christmas from my sister in law Brandi. My key says INSPIRE. I have basically worn this key 24/7 up until now. It has been such a great reminder to live life well because you never know how you may be impacting those around you.

It didn't take long for me decide who to give my key to - my close friend Kari. Kari is the kind of girl who makes you smile and gives you energy just being around her. She shares God's love with others in such a genuine way. She is about to head back to Indonesia as a missionary with her family for the next four years. With God as her rock, this girl is so strong. Although Indonesia has been really awesome at times, she has also endured great adversity and difficult times. Kari has such a wonderful balance in her life. She is a very competitive marathon runner, yet keeps God as her number one and is very devoted to her family. This girl inspires me to live life well, stay strong, treat others with genuine love, and work hard toward my goals.