Fears of the Unknown

I'd always wanted a Giving Key and when I finally got one..I knew it needed to say "FEARLESS" because sometimes fears of the unknown are overwhelming and constantly right in front of your face. I had fears of leaving the country, but I did it and wore my key and this picture..means so much to me..serving a country and being the hands and feet of Jesus. But you see each time I wore my key, feeling the little weight of it around my neck..It reminded me that each situation I came upon was not one I was facing alone and that a perfect God says that perfect love, casts out fear.

When I finally realized that I wasn't full of fear anymore..which hasn't been easy. I didn't really want to give away my key..something that had helped me in more ways & situations than one. But the day I found someone who honestly needed it way more than I did..happened.

I went to a wedding a week ago and saw a friend that I haven't seen in a long while. What I saw in her eyes though when I did really look at her was, Fear. I had an immediate "you have to give her the key" and I kinda thought to myself, "no. she might think that I'm weird" That's not the case though. After the wedding, we were saying bye and I told her that I'm sure people say this all the time but "I know what you're going through, all the pain and fear that seems to be in front of your eyes..I get that and I've dealt with it" She was starting to tear up. I knew that I wanted to be someone that she could tell anything and that would be praying for her always. And then I told her about the key that I knew from the moment I saw her that I needed to give her. She embraced me about three times and I told her how this being fearless and having a reminder with you helped me overcome fear and not be over-come.


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