There is Always Hope

My key says "hope." It was given to me by my husband who attended a conference where these keys were being sold. He bought one for me, our son, and our daughter. The day before he gave me my necklace, I remember saying (about a specific situation), "I just don't see that there is any hope for change." The next morning, I found my necklace along with a sweet card on my desk. 

Fast forward. 

I have a dear friend whom I was going to meet with last Sunday. She texted me saying she was just too exhausted and didn't really want to talk. I tried to encourage her via text as best I could. A few hours later, I was on my way to our church campus when my phone rang. This same friend was bawling. Her husband had not come home all afternoon and she had no idea where he was. He had texted several hours earlier and said he was going to stop for milk and head home. I immediately headed for her house while I listened to her story. During the meltdown, she said, "I just don't see that there is any hope for change." I knew I had to give away my key. She needed to be reminded that there is ALWAYS hope even when we don't feel like, see, or believe there is. God is so much more awesome than we can even imagine. I am praying that He shows up big in their marriage and in my friend's life. She is amazing and encourages me all the time. Tomorrow, I give her the hope that was given to me. 

Thank you for what you do for the homeless and for those who are trying to pay it forward.