Our Rock

I received my HOPE necklace in Peru two weeks ago. We were sitting around a fire pit during the midst of our 5 day trekking trip to Machu Picchu when I met Tiffani. Tiffani was from LA and the first fellow American I had met my whole trip. I ventured alone on this trip for clarity after a rough year in the states. As we got to know each other, Tiffani opened up and shared her story. I was awed by her strength and faith through her tragedy of ending her five year engagement and losing a close family member. Though, you could tell she had been through alot, you could see the light and glow in her that showed her grown through her journey. 

When she asked what was my story, I hesitated. I had not talked about it in a while. I was still in recovery. The past year had been rough. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and only two months later he had passed away. It was the hardest months of my life. Taking dad in and out of the hospital, watching him get sicker, weaker and thinner. We did everything we could. We weren't ready. No one was ready. My dad had been our rock. At every small and large event in life, he was there to support everyone. He was full of wisdom, laughter, and love. The night the nurse called me to tell me he had passed, I dropped to my knees. I screamed. I called my mom and told her the news. I heard her scream. A scream of pain, of hurt. 

As my family and I continue to heal from this tragedy, this necklace reminds me to have hope in tomorrow and to keep our faith strong. I know there is a light after every darkness and God has a plan. I want to thank Tiffani for sharing her story with me and having hope for me. Thank you.
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