Weakness Into Strength

Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with her best friend. She fell hard and quick. Like every time before,she wanted to run and build her walls up high, but this boy has stole her heart and showed her how wonderful love can be. The boy gave her strength to open up to this beautiful world. From warm summer nights to cold winter days,they were inseparable. Although she loved this boy with all her heart, she wanted to test fate and let this boy go, and if he returned, it would be forever. God has placed this boy in her life for a reason, he also gave this boy a path of greatness, and she knew it from the moment they met. This boy has been given the power of STRENGTH to overcome the biggest obstacles, such as near death experience and surviving many tough times; this boy was being prepared for the biggest fight hes fighting currently. His amazing outlook on life, and all it has to offer has made others gravitate towards this boy,everyone loved him. This time and this battle,the boy needed to be stronger than ever. The girl loves this boy so much, she could not stand watching him go through this tough time alone, so she reached out to his wonderful family for help. She believes that God has put this boy on earth to do something amazing, help others and turn his weaknesses in to Strengths. This girl wants this boy to have this Strength key to remind him how strong he is, and when times get hard she wants him to remember how far he has come from when she first laid her big brown eyes on his beautiful blues. She wants him to fight for this win with God's help and her love. Today, this boy is with his family and recovering wonderfully one day at a time. Its going to be a hard and long battle, God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers for a reason, and she believes that this boy will live out God's wonderful plan that he has for him. With power of a prayer, faith, love and strength, this boy will go on doing great things in life. The girl believes in him and loves him, always and forever.