You Are Strong Enough

I came across the giving key through an Instagram post. I was taken back with the story behind the giving key and after reading stories from around the world, it's clear that so many people have been touched by these keys. I was going through a rough time in my marriage and I decided to get the "STRENGTH" key for myself. I knew the key wouldn't help me save my marriage but I did know it would give me the power to save someone going through worse.

Each day I wore my necklace it became less about my current struggle and more about who I would pass it on to. Five months later I put on my necklace as I got ready to go visit my friend and her premature baby in the hospital and I knew at that moment that it was the day to pay it forward and to who other than my best friend of 15 years. That day she needed to know she was strong enough. And I know in my heart that she too will one day go to put on her strength key and know there's someone out there that needs it more than she does.