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Unlocking Love

Mr Smith was a family friend, who I've prayed for over a decade every Monday. He was ready to find "LOVE". He had gone through a very heartbreaking divorce. 

Miss P. was also a family friend who I always remained connected to. She was like a daughter/ younger sis to me. June 2014, I was talking to Miss P. on the phone as we hung up and said wait have you ever thought of becoming better friends/ dating Mr. Smith. She giggled and said I randomly sent him a FB message a week ago just innocent and I prayed for him. I asked, "so you're open". She said, yes. 


Call #2- barely hung up and I had texted Mr. Smith. I think I have someone for you. My phone rang and Mr. Smith Was full of questions. They met shortly thereafter and 6 months later, they gave me the "LOVE" key. I felt the key was symbolic of unlocking LOVE. Afterall, this was a heavenly match. They were engaged around a year after the first call. 

My daughter, who is an event planner was asked to plan their wedding. I was in church two weeks ago and I felt like it was time to pay it forward. The LOVE key should be around her neck as she finalized the wedding plans. The key went on her and she was so delighted. She said she had really wanted one. I told her because she love much and had so much love to share with others this key would remind her to share her love. Now Mr and Mrs Smith are happily married. The key remains on my daughter. I wonder who will get it next.

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