You Are My Sunshine

It was November 22, 2014; my boyfriend's birthday. He had just graduated college & accomplished a big goal of his & it was having an USAF unit pick him up to fly the new KC-46 coming to the USAF. I knew that we were about to embark on a new journey together that would be a challenging one, but exciting as well. He was getting ready for his first stop on getting approved for actual Pilot Training & it was his physical in Ohio. This was going to be very tough as they say it is known to keep guys from going into pilot training. In addition, this was going to be the start of our relationship turning into a long distance one.

Here I was in Tuscaloosa, AL with my friend for the weekend & trying to figure out what I could get him exactly. I wanted it to be something special & unique between us. A reminder of home. That's when I stumbled upon "The Giving Key" in a store. I saw one that said "FAITH" & it was silver looking with a similar resemblance to his dog tags. I knew that was what I wanted to get him because I am always the one that constantly reminds him to have "Faith" in our toughest times in life. Then I saw these silver charms that would go with it perfectly so I added 3 charms that were a wing, sunshine that said "you are my sunshine" on the back, & the word "fly". All of these things were going to remind him of home & me. No matter how far away he was, He knew he had the key to my heart.

Today, almost a year later, the necklace doesn't leave his neck. Our relationship has battled many obstacles through this training. He's in Oklahoma while I am in Atlanta & we see each other on the weekends when we can. The pilot training has been nothing short of easy for him, but when he flies... that necklace is around his neck & under his flight suit. He always tell me that it was the most touching gift he has ever received & brings him hope every time he needs it.

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