Opportunities of Hope

I was given the key of HOPE by a very dear friend of mine who ministers to the homeless community and knew our circle would love this and support this ministry. Just a couple of days after getting the key, I had a meeting in my office with a sales rep who immediately noticed my key necklace. I told her about the Giving Keys, the story and the intent of wearing the keys. She talked briefly about her husband and his small group of other men and the ministry work they did but kept looking at my necklace. During our meeting, she kept asking me about my necklace and looking at it. I took the necklace off, put it on her and told her to take my HOPE. She started to cry and asked "Really??". I said Really. She cried and gave me a hug and told me that I had no idea how that had blessed her that day. I won't ever know what her story was or what was going on in her life but it was clear that getting some HOPE was what she needed that day. Thank you for the opportunity to minister with you and share your mission. :)