I Needed Strength To Get Me Through This

I received my key of Strength from my dear friend Jodi from California. I hung it on my mirror in my car and never took it down until now. She gave me the key to help give me strength to get through the sudden passing of my mom.  

On August 4, 2013 my Dad passed away of Kidney failure after being hospitalized for 3 months. It was very difficult on my Mom to lose her husband after 51 years of marriage. He was only 73. My Mom moved in with me and my family down in Florida and we built her an apartment on our property. It was going to be wonderful to have her so close to us. Well, God had a different plan for her. We spent one Sunday afternoon at Disney together and had a wonderful day. She slept over, we drank champagne and watched the Oscars that night. The next morning I said good bye and she went back to her beach condo where she was temporarily staying. She died 2 days later on March 4, 2014, taking a nap in her chair, with a book on her chest. That was it. Never got to say good bye. No one found her until 3 days later. We couldn't reach her. It was awful. It was 7 months to the day after my Dad passed that my Mom joined him in Heaven.  

Needless to say, I needed strength to get me through this. Through the support of my friends and family, I'm getting through it. It's been a rough year couple of years of grieving, however, there are more good days then bad now. I will have a permanent void in my heart after losing my parents and being an orphan at the age of 45.  

It's time to give the key to a dear friend who just lost her father after a 3 year battle with ALS. She is an only child and is heart broken. She has 2 beautiful children and a man in her life that loves her very much. She however still needs the strength from God, and the rest of her family and friends. I'm hoping when she looks at this key everyday she feels our strength and we help her get through this very difficult time.

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