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Tested Courage

My very dear friend of 15 years lost her son in a car accident last year. It was Thanksgiving and he was only six. The pain is intense and overwhelming. We were pregnant together. same baby classes; same midwives; same hopes and dreams for our beautiful boys. Growing up for our littles ones, was supposed to be endless games of chase and summer's running through the sprinklers. We thought that we had years to watch them jumping on the trampoline until their legs give out and their cheeks hurt from smiling so much. We had 6 years, 4 months, and 21 days. Now, just as I was given my "courage key" when I needed it the most, today I gave it to my friend. If ever anyones courage is being's her. In the midst of the unbearable pain and loss that she faces, my friend will always be reminded that 'COURAGE is the key.' And then, one day, she will share her courage with someone else...

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