To Love and Be Loved

I received a chain with a giving key engraved with the word "LOVED" and directions to pay it forward. Several months later I was searching for a Secret Santa gift to give to someone in our group when I came upon the key and chain. I had totally forgotten about this gift I had received. As I read the instructions on the card I felt moved to pay this gift forward. Here is the reason I am ready to give it away: I have recently started natural treatments for breast cancer and have been filled with the spirits of hope and determination among others. Members of my once estranged family have lovingly rallied around me, driving me to and staying with me during my appointments, taking care of my dogs, offering money and other help, and especially being there for me when I most need their love and support. These are the most loving of any gestures I can think of and I feel greatly "LOVED" as it says on the key.

Therefore, I feel I am ready to pay it forward to someone who will hopefully continue paying it forward. Thank you for helping me to express my gratefulness for my family in such a meaningful way.


Yours Truly, Pat