Love with the Love You Have Been Given

My key found me at a local concert at the beginning of October. It had LOVE on it. I knew it was like because the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit said, "Love with the love you have been given."

So I bought it and wore it every day, pursuing this love that I was consistently being given. Unconditional, permanent-as-the-ocean love.
Then came Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. A woman from my church walked into the Starbucks I was in. I had watched her boy during Sunday school before so I went over and hugged her.

We wound up taking for nearly an hour. Her story of a drunken boyfriend who was flipping between alcohol and his three children, one teenager and two below the age of five, unfolded. With a strong spirit, but the hardship of single motherhood evident in her voice, I prayed for a way to help. Some way.

I remembered my devotional this morning. Jesus had wanted me to be His witness, to display His love to someone who was hurting and needed love.
And I heard this whisper in my heart: "Give her your key."

When she finished her story, I moved across the table to the seat next to her. Took off my LOVE key. And slipped it around her head. She cried and I cried. It was a divine appointment I will never forget.

That same love is available to all of us, anywhere and any time. If you are a firm Christian, completely aware of this permanent love, then go. Love as you have been shown love today.

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