Courage through Change

I had just moved to California-- new place, new atmosphere, new people. I met a boy: quiet, and timid. We hung out a couple of times. The first time, we went volunteering together and then he accompanied me to the science museum because I really wanted to go. We also went to the Griffith Observatory together to watch the stars (oh what few there were, thanks smog!)

A week later, we went to grab lunch after school and when we parted ways for the day, he texted me saying he had something to tell me. I read over the text, confused and a bit worried. I felt a churning in my stomach. Oh no, what could he possibly have to tell me? I went home and I found a message, “Im a cowardly lion that has no courage.” I sat there thinking, what in the world is going on? He then told me he had feelings for me and the rest is history. We are now approaching our first major holiday together. I was wondering around the mall today and stumbled across there antique-looking keys with engravings on them. One caught my eye immediately, “Courage.”