Make a Difference

20 years ago this December, my sister and I started assisting folks in need of some help in our community. On December 18th, 2015 my family and I will continue in her honor to host the 20th Annual Nancy Downey Hurtado Miracle Toy Giveaway, over 5000 children will see Santa, receive a Christmas present, receive a meal and a health check up. My sister preached to always Pay It Forward, that is a life lesson that my children have lived by their entire life. I purchased both of my college aged kiddos, a Giving Key, in hopes that they are reminded where they came from and how much they have made a difference in many, many children's lives. They continue to be the driving force behind our special day in December, when they chose to step up and make a difference, if for only one day. For this, I am one thankful, blessed momma of awesome children.