Hope is Real

I didn't want to give away my key yet. My friend sent my key this summer as a birthday present, representing my lifelong journey to believe God's promises--that his thoughts about me, plans for my life, & purpose even in struggle were all good. It was a reminder to believe words of Truth over my feelings, & that hope is real.

Last weekend I was with a friend who is halfway through her 2nd pregnancy. She'd just heard that the ultrasound that week was abnormal--there were serious concerns about baby's development & they'd need an immediate follow-up with a genetic specialist. I immediately knew I was supposed to give her my key.

Her story brought me back to my second pregnancy two & a half years ago. Like this friend, an abnormal ultrasound caused concerns, sending me into a downward spiral as I imagined the worst possible outcome. I was grieving the loss of an unknown future, forcing me to surrender what I thought my life & family would look like.

As I waited on test results, I wrestled with God, finally receiving peace in surrendering my hopes for my baby to his trustworthy care. Regardless of my son's health, God's purpose was to help me release my fears and plans for my life and family--exchanging unbelieving control for believing trust.

Two & a half years later, as I hold my normal, healthy baby boy, I'm reminded to still believe God's promises are true, for me & for him. Hearing my friend's story last week reminded my of how trustworthy God is, & how the battle for peace is in my own ability to believe in his goodness.

I shared the story of The Giving Keys with my pregnant friend & tears flowed from both of our eyes. As the key rested on her baby bump, she told me her struggle in this uncertain pregnancy has been to believe that God is still good, trustworthy, & working on her behalf. I'm praying her "believe" key will help her trust her baby to God's capable hands. As I walked away crying, God whispered, "You don't need it anymore. You believe me now."
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