He was my Peace

I received two giving keyes: one that said "PEACE" and the other "STRENGTH" when I lost the love of my life from cancer. I had been a single mom for many years after an abusive marriage. When I met Anthony, he changed my life in so many ways. I had been an empty vessel just moving through life but without much zest for life. Anthony turned my world into one exciting adventure after another, whether it be a hike into the woods to ice skate on a pond by ourselves or a trip to Italy. Everyone who knew us saw the magic and it was truly an epic romance. After 5 amazing years, I lost this wonderful man. Whenever I felt weak, I would wear the "STRENGTH" necklace and think about how strong Anthony wanted me to be and how much he worried about how I would do after he was gone. I still wear the "peace" necklace because the first time we met, Anthony asked what I was looking for in a relationship and I said, just "peace". He was my peace. A co-worker lost her brother suddenly and at a young age, I gave her the "strength" necklace because I think she needed this encouragement and reminder more than I did and I wanted her to know that even though I don't bring up the subject, that I am thinking of her and her family and hoping they can find strength at this difficult time.