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She Needed Courage More Than Me

My COURAGE key was mailed to me from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) right as I was in the midst of yet another move, another transition. This move BACK home was entirely bittersweet. I'd be moving back home to family; bringing with us our 2 babies we'd had in the years we were gone. But. But the South (TX & NC) had become my new home. I was established and flourishing, and the thought of reestablishing myself again just seemed too much. I was done making new friends and working hard to make yet another "new" life feel good and right and feel like "my life." Enter my COURAGE key. It gave me the courage to keep on, keeping on; making friends, reaching out to my new community to make it my own and my family's new home. Then, through the spirit of MOPS and GOD I was being nudged towards something more. MOPS told me to "Be You Bravely" and then to embrace "A Fierce Flourishing." I was doing both these things! I was being brave and courageous and flourishing! But. But I was being drawn to something more. To be more brave. To flourish fiercely. So I did! Yesterday, I received my certificate as a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor after 5 months of dedicated work! I had promised that when I received this, my COURAGE key had served me and I would then pass it on. In the midst of this work, I received the news that the son of a close friend (a friend who took me in and helped me during that first transition...the move AWAY from home) was in a terrible car accident. He may not make it. The family was holding onto God and their faith in hopes Lance would come out of his coma and "be ok." Wendy needed my key. She needed COURAGE more than me. She needed the courage to continue on. And she is! And Lance is! Lance did wake up. Although the road ahead for both Wendy and Lance is long, their courage has not ceased. Not even for one day. They are doing the work. The work that is hard and tough. The work that is the transition that will bring them to a life that feels like their own again.

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