"Be You, Bravely"

I received my giving key from MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). It was to complement the theme for that year, which was to "Be You, Bravely." I went along with their suggestion to host a ladies group where moms could meet and challenge each other to be brave and live purposely. The group was a success! A few months after our last meeting, one of our moms found out her husband lost his job. This would require her to take a position to provide for their family that would necessitate a move states away. She had also found out a few weeks before the job loss that they are expecting their third child. So all the emotions of a new baby, a unclear future, & a cross country move are resting on my friend. So, I'm giving her a key that says "COURAGE". Courage to face a new season of life with Jesus by her side!