"Jules, Just Breathe"

Our youngest sister, Julie Ann lost her husband almost a year ago on January 4, 2015. He was only 41 years of age. They have two children, Hannah (13) and Hunter (15). He was diagnosed at age 34 with Stage IV Colon Cancer. He was only given a 30 percent chance to make it 2 years. Jim was the most amazing, inspirational and courageous person you would ever meet. He was an inspiration to everyone who came in contact with him. There was never a day that went by that he didn't tell my sister how much he loved her and he adored her like we have never seen before and she him. He made her laugh each and every day. Through those 8 years of his fight he never felt sorry for himself, not once. Through those years he tried to prepare my sister for what he knew was inevitable. When she would get upset, worried or anxious he would always say "Jules, just BREATHE". So, when we heard about "The Giving Keys" concept we all fell in love with the idea and knew this is what we wanted to get for my sister for her first Christmas without the Love of Her Life. The gift is going to be left under the Christmas Tree for Christmas morning and wrapped beautifully with the name Jim always called her To: "Jules" and the From: will be left blank and is going to be her gift this year from Jim, her angel now in Heaven. We doubt she will ever be able to part with this "special gift" but, when she finds the perfect recipient she will purchase another one to pay it forward.