The Strength it Gave Me

I bought a "BRAVE" endless bracelet for myself several months ago. I was going through a difficult time and having the daily reminder to be brave on my wrist always gave me strength. 

I am a Police Officer and just nine days ago a fellow Officer of my department was struck by a drunk driver while outside of his cruiser on a traffic stop. He was brought to the hospital with life threatening injuries. That night I was at the hospital with my fellow Officers as we waited for the news of how the surgery went. 

The Officer's parents were in a separate area, but all I could think of was what they were going through. As a mother of two myself, it is hard to imagine the trauma they were experiencing. I asked a representative from my police department to anonymously deliver my "brave" bracelet to our Officer's mother in hopes that she could draw some of the same strength from the bracelet as I had.

The Officer passed away one week after being struck. His parents have been inspiring and courageous as they handled this tragedy. 

I will always be thankful for that bracelet. For the strength it gave to me and for the strength I hope it offered to the Officer's Mom.