Faith Changed Our Lives

FAITH: to have complete trust in someone or something

I saw these necklaces along time ago and fell in love with the purpose behind them, I always knew I always wanted to get my girlfriend one but never knew what word I would get. 

That decision was made for about a year ago, me and my girlfriend Cali had been dating for almost 2 years when we went through the hardest trial we've ever been through together. What made it the hardest, was that we weren't together... We decided to break up and that turned into the most trying 6 months of our relationship. In this time we had to step back and realize that in the past all of our Faith for happiness, contentment, joy, and love was based on each other and ourselves. We reached a point where that Faith we had in each other could stand on its own, and it all fell out below it. In that time we had to find where true happiness and satisfaction came from... and that was found in Faith in our Lord. We found that He was the only one who could fill the void we were trying to fill on our own. 

In this time we had Faith that God would lead us back together, and by His grace He did. We know have a completely new outlook on life, love, and Faith. We know that by having Faith in our God brings us closer together. Having that Faith changed our lives and it can change anyones life if you allow it too. 

Thank you so much The Giving Keys for allowing us to display what gives our lives and relationship its foundation. I was able to give my love a Dainty Faith Necklace this year for Christmas.
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