Getting Through Each Day

I was given this key yesterday, I had never heard of this. A co worker whom I often share stories with about our children texted me to tell me she had a gift for me and she wanted me to have it now. I was actually on my way to work as we both are registered nurses. Knowing I had been feeling very emotional, because my only child had just left the nest and moved thousands of miles away starting his career . We both had similar situations and when she gave this to me I cried, she gave me the key brave, although I don't feel Im very brave she must think I am . I cant imagine passing this on to another but I know someone who will receive this soon after me , someone who is extremely BRAVE and lost there only child to death suddenly, I may not have my son near but my poor friend has lost his son forever ! Lynne you have opened my eyes to many things one I guess I do have a bit of braveness, but the gift of love concern and sharing mean the most.

Thank you to Lynne who thought so much of me and my emotions about my son. Having my son leave was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with , even typing this it makes me cry to think he is so far away and so young., he was having some difficulty adjusting to his new job and as a mom I just wanted to be there every step of the way, it breaks my heart to not be there to help him prioritize his life, I know life is a journey yet letting go of our children is so very difficult. How Im brave still makes me wonder but im getting along each day I guess that take some sort of Braveness.