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Courage through Unresolved Feelings

I literally just got my key in the mail yesterday. I had a plan. I was going to wear it until I took a GIANT test I have coming up and then I was going to see when I felt moved enough to donate it. I was sitting in my office and a friend (and yoga student, confidant, fellow book club member....etc.) came by to chat. She revealed to me that her brother passed away the day before last. She was very quiet about it because he suffered dearly from mental illness and she hadn't quite processed what happened. My heart instantly broke into a million pieces. A tragic event is something to contend with... but when you have unresolved feelings on top of a tragic event... the result can be catastrophic. It became apparent to me immediately that she needed 'COURAGE' far more than I did at that moment. Even though my beautiful little key had only graced my neck for a few hours...I took it off and passed it along. I will always remember that moment that we were able to share.

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