Overwhelmingly Grateful

My husband and I have been trying to have Child for 5 years. We really felt called to adopt and so we started the adoption process in February 2015. I prayed about who to give my bracelet to and decided that It would be for the Birth Mom. Every day as I put on my bracelet I would pray for her, her family and for our baby. 

We are so overwhelmingly grateful to say that we adopted our baby Girl on October 21

On the 1st night that we met them in person, I kneeled at her feet and gave her the bracelet. I shared this story the story of how I have been wearing this and praying for her before I even knew her. She also has a heart for the homeless so I told her about the Giving Keys as well. She was in awe! There were tons of tears! 

I told her that the word engraved LOVE is so perfect because the love she has for her daughter is the Ultimate, Unconditional, Selfless, Brave & Crazy LOVE. That every time she wears it she should be reminded that she is LOVED and that we will always honor her sacrifice & for choosing LIFE! 
Our baby girl was born a month early only 2 days after we met them. 

This is the second piece I have given away. The 1st was a STRENGTH necklace to a friend who's sister was in a coma. The doctors said she would never function walk or talk. Today this girl is defying all odds! Walking, Talking and everything in between! 

There is so much more to these stories but just thought I would share to encourage you guys!! What you are doing is so beautiful. 
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