Strength to move on

I heard about the giving keys a few years ago and I fell in love instantly. I never missed a chance to tell someone about them and had even planned on getting one for myself. On January 16th my husband went to prison. I am ashamed to say that he was the primary parent to our two sons. Not because he loved them more but because of my work schedule. I was having a really tough time adjusting to being a single mother and being without my soulmate. My daddy had heard me talk about the giving keys in his efforts to help purchased me a STRENGTH dainty necklace. I cried when I received it through the mail.

Three weeks I received a call from a close friend of mine and she told me that her boyfriend had just killed himself. They have a daughter that just turned four years old this month. I cried for her and her daughter and I cried for myself. Through the pain of my husband going to prison I couldn't see that one day we will be a family again. That one day my sons will have their father back. So on the day of my friends wake I gave his daughter my STRENGTH necklace. Because even though she doesn't understand now she and her mother will need strength to move on without him. I love you Anthony Ray Woods and you are truly missed. In honor of my late friend Ray.