Endless Possibilities

A while back I ordered myself a key of "hope." I've always had trouble having hope in life, people, etc... but finally came to a place where I felt that without "hope" what is the point? I now hope for everything and everyone as much as one person can, and I feel better knowing that the world is full of possibilities as long as you hold onto the hope that "it" is possible!

In February of 2013 my best friend Nicole visited me from our home town of Boston. Nicole is a one of a kind and we were inseparable until I moved out to California. Our group of friends is very close and we all pick up right where we leave off every time we talk. Talking to Nicole, I could tell she was becoming discouraged and hopeless for some time now. We are at that age where people are getting married and having babies, and Nicole just hasn't found the path that leads her to all that yet. We all know she will get "there," whatever that might be, as long as she is happy.

I gave Nicole my key (as much as I didn't want to let it go) to never lose hope. Never lose hope that you will find love and never lose hope you will love someone like you have never loved before. Without hope life is just sad and gray, hope means living and being open to all the amazing possibilities that will cross her path in life. She has only just started and I hope everyday she knows how much I love her and believe in her! XOXO NMR <3 VMK


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