Always Keep Hope

This past year has been a very long and crazy year not only for myself but also for my best friend. We have been best friends since I was 8 years old, and I am 26 now! If it wasn't for her who knows where I would be now or if I'd even be alive.

Last year she found out she has M.S. and it was hard for both of us. She's so young and she has a little girl, 3 years old. One night we got to talking about everything, all the things that keep coming up in both our lives and how no matter what we always keep hope. Hope that things will get better and that we will get through it. Since high school that has always been our motto: always keep hope. Her daughter's middle name is even Hope. So when I found The Giving Keys, I knew it was the perfect gift to get her. It'd be something to cheer her up and to remind her when things get hard to "always keep hope." She loves it and wears it everyday. She never takes it off. She wants to buy one to give away. Spread the hope.